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Traffic Report

Traffic Report

Do you keep hitting or overstepping your internet usage quota, or just want to know how much data you send/receive with the internet?  We can analyse the usage of your internet, pinpointing the device(s) using all your usage.

Content Filter

Content Filter

Every website used is recorded for analysis.  This is useful if your worried about what your staff or minors are surfing for online, from any device at any time.



Think your company or home is a a hub of illegal activity? Help stay legal and  detect it yourself before you get detected.

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Free!  How and why? Dues to this being a new venture, I'm unsure to how successful it will be on my 1st monitor. Be the 1st, get it free.

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Team Member

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Although only a test, it was successful and free. Ibuddy monitor found that Netflix uses a lot of network when streaming films or TV shows.

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